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We offer custom designed controls as an integral feature of turnkey systems. We locate photocells, limit switches, operator interface terminals (OIT), push button stations and make field connections. It is essential to put control in the hands of your system operators in a manner simple to comprehend. Most frequently controls packages contain Allen Bradley brand controls, our standard control components. However, occasionally it is necessary to use other brands to facilitate customer requests. We can design, install and implement a custom electrical systems package–placing your systems operators in total control. The control terminals are manufactured with controls specifically designed to meet the needs of your specialized application.

Components such as manual starters, magnetic starters, push button stations, etc., may be utilized to perform more simplistic operator functions.

– Bag Filling Systems Bulk and Fine Feeding
> Up to 100kg — Jumbo Bags and Octabins
– Fruit Processing Systems

Fruits of various sizes and shapes can be accommodated in this system. The fruits are conveyed through these independent processes: Sorting | Washing | Drying | Waxing/ Packaging

– Soap Handling Systems

The soap is considered to be in either Unit or Bulk form. The soap is Handled through the various operations –

– Normal/ Jumbo Bag Filling and Handling
– Soap Noodle Handling to Roll Mill
– Cutter to Stamper
– Recycling from Stamper to Plodder
– Stamper to Wrapping
– Box Packing and Shrink Wrapping
– Box Handling to Dispatch/ Storage area
– Automotive Component Handling System

The components are segregated as Medium/ Heavy and Large/ Heavy. Due to the nature of the operations, the orientations of these components must be matched to the process requirement.

The processes widely handled –

– Engine Head Assembly
– Crankcase
– Transmission Assembly
– Differential
– Bull cage
– Pick and Place Systems
> Radial and Polar
> Lateral/ Transverse/ Linear
– Batching Plants

The Ingredients for Concrete filling Mixtures being cement, sand and aggregate are proportioned into the mixer at the right ratios. The sand is washed and filtered during the pre-process stage.

– Storage Systems

The Stacking/ Storing / Retrieval systems can be used for the various unit types –

– Pallets – Wooden/ Metal
– Drums – Metal/ Plastic Filled/ Unfilled
– Boxes – Corrugated/ Metal/ Wooden
– Bags – Jute/ plastic/ paper Normal/ Jumbo
– Customized Handling Solutions
– Accessories

Material Guidance and Orientation systems
– One At a Time (OAT) units
– Counters and Batch Separators
– Pusher/ Puller units – Manual/ Powerised
– Clampers – Pneumatic/ Hydraulic
– Diverters – Manual/ Powerised
– Stoppers – Manual/ Powerised
– Conveyor Pulleys
– Transom assemblies
– Idler Rollers –- Carrying — Impact– Return– Self Aligning Assembly
– Conveyor Belting
– Adjustable Wear resistant guides
– Height Adjustment arrangements
– Dust/ Oil Collection Trays

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