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The belt tensioning unit maintains constant tension on the drive belt
It offers two distinct benefits :
1. By continuously tensioning the belt, it reduces start up and maintenance costs.
2. Belt life is increased by reducing slippage.

Effective control of the tension and alignment applicable on the conveyor belt with Pneumatic and Hydraulic accessories

Automatic Belt Alignment Automatic Belt Tensioning

Effective Sizes:
From 600mm wide to 2500mm wide Belts upto 1000mm Elongation

Equipment Type:
Electro-Pneumatic, Hydraulic and/or Motorized Equipment

Industries Catered:

Materials Conveyed:
Belts of Rubber, PU, Polyester WireMesh Belts, PVC or Plastic Modular

Auto Semi-Auto

MOC Available:
M.S. or S.S. with STD bought out items

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