Location: India & Overseas, since 1990

Industry: Oil & Chemicals

Slat & Chain Conveyors for the movement of empty cans/pails/bottles, automatic feeding to filling, capping stations, accumulation and packing stations. We have supplied controls for these conveyors with PLC, VFD & sensors & been able to achieve speeds of upto 7200 bottles/hr for 24/7 operation. Each project includes more than 40 conveyors, their motors & controls integrated with Filling machines, dynamic weighing, printers, labelling and WMS information.

Products: Slat Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Roller Conveyors, Powerised Roller Conveyors, Idler Roller Conveyors, Radius Roller Conveyors, PLC Control Systems, Belt Conveyors, Check Weighers, Manual Turn Tables, Powered Turn Tables.

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