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The check weighing units are made for improving efficiency in process where the weighing of Unit loads is a critical part and intricately linked to the material flow. Belt conveyors are generally used with automation sensors and logic to ensure one-at-time movement of components / parts on to weighing station.

1. The weighing option can be static / stand-alone type with manual input / output involvement.

2. Automated, inline – where the weighing takes place on a running conveyor with OAT logic. We can offer high-speed units for continuous use with right accuracy and tolerance.

3. We also supply weighing (solids/ grains / chemicals / free flow/ etc) for bagging units – platform based or per-weighed (see products listed under Bagging)

4. We supply large drum-filling lines / viscous liquid / oils etc with weighing option on roller conveyor structural base.

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