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Flat Belt Conveyor mounted with Extra set of pushing and retracting Pulleys to create a telescopic effect of the belt.


Telescope in retracted condition. >>>>>> Telescope in extended condition.

This type of Belt conveyor is mainly used for loading or unloading of unit loads in the form of boxes or bags from the transport vehicle to the Dock.

The length of the telescopic boom is equivalent or lesser than the length of the base conveyor in order to balance the load. The width of the belt and the speed of the conveyor can be as per requirement but maintained within safe limits depending on the application.

For Truck Loading and Unloading

Effective Sizes:
Belt: 300mm to 800mm Wide Boom: From ‘X’ to ‘1.75X’ Length

Equipment Type:
Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Industries Catered:
Warehousing Process Industry Any

Materials Conveyed:
Cartons Bags and Sacs Unit Loads

Manual Mechanised

MOC Available:
Belt: PVC Green, PU : Structure: M.S., S.S. 304

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