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Deep Buckets connected to single strand Chain in vertical orientation driven by a Top Sprocket at High Speed for initiating Centrifugal Discharge of materials within the Bucket.

Centrifugal discharge elevators are the most frequently used type for free-flowing, fine or small lump material, such as grain, coal, sand, clay, sugar, cullet and dry chemicals. Buckets are “A” or “B” malleable iron or steel and mounted at intervals on a belt or chain.
They usually operate vertically but are sometimes inclined. Buckets are loaded by a combination of material flowing into buckets and by scooping from a boot, the lowest part of the elevator. Speeds are relatively high and governed by head wheel diameter and its relation to centrifugal discharge action.

The course of the centrifugal action causes the material to eject from the bucket containers at the discharge end.

Vertical Elevating Silo Filling

Effective Sizes:
From 250mm to 900mm Wide

Equipment Type:
Bucket Elevator

Industries Catered:
Agriculture Processing Plastics Process Industry Any

Materials Conveyed:
Agriculture Produce Granules Powders Special Chemicals


MOC Available:
Buckets: S. S. 304, M.S.; Chain: Standard Structure: M.S. with Std Sections and frames

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