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Deep Buckets connected to Double strand Chain in an Inclined orientation for Heavy Loads driven by a Top Sprocket for initiating Positive Discharge of materials within the Bucket.

Continuous bucket elevators are recommended for large capacity heavy-duty service. The buckets are steel, mounted continuously on single or double strands of chain, or on a belt. The elevators can be either vertical or inclined. As the buckets pass over the head wheel, the flanged front of the preceding bucket acts as a chute to lower the material to the discharge spout. This discharge method, plus the slower speed, minimizes breakage of fragile materials. These elevators are not the self-digging type. As a result, they require a loading leg and a deeper pit than other elevator styles.

Super Capacity Continuous Bucket Elevators handle the same materials as the continuous bucket elevators in the larger capacities. They are used for run-of-mine or sized coal, stone, ore and the like. The steel buckets, mounted between strands of roller chain, operate slowly. The construction of the bucket provides a greater capacity than the standard continuous type, but with the same means of loading and discharging. The elevators are built in both vertical and inclined styles. The vertical model has steel guides and the inclined type has tracks. Inclined types can be either open or enclosed.
Inclined Elevating Silo Filling

Effective Sizes:
From 400mm to 1200mm Wide Not Less than 60Deg inclined

Equipment Type:
Inclined Bucket Elevator

Industries Catered:
Agriculture Processing Plastics Process Industry Any

Materials Conveyed:
Agriculture Produce Granules Powders Special Chemicals


MOC Available:
Buckets: S. S. 304, M.S.; Chain: Standard Structure: M.S. with Std Sections and frames

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