Soap and Detergents

Material Handled:

  • Toilet soap from 70 gms to 120 gms

Activity To Be Mechanized/Automation:

  • Capacity balancing of stamper & low cost low capacity wrapping machines
  • Die stamper output from 10soaps/stroke x 60strokes/min to be wrapped
  • To feed four basic wrapping machines capacity @ 150 soaps/min
  • In case wrapping machine is under packaging material roll change, the stamped soaps must go back to stamper machine recycle to plodder
  • Wrapped soap to be bundled together and/or packed in cartons, check weighed and carton sealed and ready for pallet packing.

Issues Faced:

  • Matching capacity of the high speed stamper with an imported high capacity wrapping machine is an un-justified capital investment.
  • Four smaller capacity machines to be fed with high capacity stamper at same rate of stamper and without any losses.
  • Distribution of soaps coming from stamper must be uniform and not intermitted to the wrapping machines.
  • The quality of soaps must be intact without any physical damage

Solution Provided With Equipments:

  • Oscillator belt conveyor for distribution of soaps from 2 to 4 lines
  • Only belt conveyors contact with the soaps to avoid damages to soaps
  • Recycle diverter system with belt conveyor for recycling of soaps.
  • Advanced pneumatics for oscillator and diverter systems
  • Plc based control panel with sensors & logic for smooth operation.
  • Check weigher and standard packing conveyor equipment at end of line


  • Phenomenally low capital investment for high capacity outputs
  • Low cost automation for creating low system redundancy
  • 24x7x365 day running capacity with efficiency of more than 75%
  • High productivity due to de-centralized capacity utilization.
  • Layout planned execution for optimization of material flow