Automobile (farm equipment)

Material handled:

Differential case under machining and assembled machining

Activity to be mechanized/automation:

  • machining of the differential case between side facing and boring (on side)
  • haphazardly placed machines need to be connected with conveyors
  • orientation and one at a time feeding of the components per machine
  • assembly of left and right handed assemblies for assembled machining

Issues faced:

  • different machines at different locations are sequential in operation
  • components from machines to be conveyed without manual intervention
  • wherever needed, orientation changing devices must be incorporated
  • use of resources for component travel must be efficient
  • selection of feeding one component at a time or as buffered
  • assembly area of the components to be online with conveyors

Solution provided with equipment:

  • idler roller split type conveyors with rigid frame & adjustability
  • lifting/lowering units with oat (one at a time) units
  • tilting with clamping units with oat units
  • plc and advanced pneumatics based control elements


  • flexibility in designing layouts for effective placement of large machines
  • hassle free movement of components using free gravity
  • overall usage of resources is at minimum
  • maintenance friendly equipment design with least issues
  • sequence of operations with standard operation procedures can be established and monitored