Textile Spinning Mill

Material Handled:

Loose Fibres Of Polyesters, Viscose, Cottons With All Variants

Activity To Be Mechanized/Automation:

  • Feeding of fibre mixer with a specific combination of fibres based on weight
  • Exact weight of each fibre variety to be demanded from operator
  • Multiple recipe combinations of fibres with varied weights to be handled
  • Only when required weight of variety mix is achieved, system should feed
  • Feedback of correct recipe fed into the mixer needed at it server
  • Recipe to be changed, altered through it server
  • Online trouble shooting from remote location

Issues Faced:

  • Throughput of operation is un-uniform and unpredictable
  • Un recorded events of feeding into mixer causing loss of control
  • Mixture weights being allowed without tolerance limit
  • Control of different locations without it server is unmanageable
  • Loss of costly raw materials due to overfeeding
  • Loss of final product quality due to faulty mixture
  • Un responsible behaviour of operators due to lack of accountability

Solution Provided With Equipments:

  • Infeed weighing based conveyor with smart controller
  • Sql based software for integration with server
  • Bright display & push button for operator interface


  • Server can establish which mill to receive which mixture
  • At mill, operator knows how much of which variety to place on system
  • Once placed, server knows how many mixtures are fed into the mills
  • Tolerances set on the system do not allow over or underfeeding
  • Reports can be generated through software based on time & sequences
  • Established control over all mill feeding points with accuracy & reliability