Automobile (farm equipment)

Material handled:

Front axle assembled

Activity to be mechanized/automation:

  • after assembly of the front axle with individual components, trial run testing at 3000rpm speed is necessary for acceptance parameters of axle
  • systematic period testing of each front axle assembly is needed prior to final assembly
  • rpm testing to be done with flexible parameters for different models

Issues faced:

  • testing cannot be done without the necessary infrastructure or machine
  • rpm testing equipment must have adjustable positioning to match axles
  • testing parameters of each type of axle must be adjusted for testing
  • mis-alignments in the centre line shafts of tester and axle need resolution

Solution provided with equipment:

  • axle mounting customized trolley for manual/mechanized movement
  • trolley clamping unit for testing fixture aligning
  • testing fixture with test motor, couplings and adjustable positioning
  • vfd based control panel with potentiometers and necessary switchgear


  • planned activity flow with testing facility
  • reduction of operator effort for fixing of axle and testing
  • adjustable settings for ease of re-entry of next trolley one after other
  • overall simplified automation for ensuring smooth testing of the axles.