Soap & Detergent

Material Handled:

Detergent, Toilet & Multipurpose Soaps

Activity To Be Mechanized/Automation:

  • From cutting machine after plodder, soap bars need to be packed directly in cartons one at a time by persons with minimum efforts.
  • Filled cartons to travel away together to check weigher
  • Check-weighing and carton sealing of the packed cartons

Issues Faced:

  • Manual efforts are beyond affordable compared to efficiency
  • Manual table packing of the soaps causes lower output and high damages
  • Without effective movement of soaps, packing efficiency is not controlled
  • Haphazard placement of packaging materials and inventory

Solution Provided With Equipments:

  • Double deck belt conveyor and ergonomic packing positions of persons
  • Output carton belt conveyor to check weigher and sealers
  • Speed control through vfd in control panel


  • Effective packing of soaps without quality issues and no damages
  • Inventory control and systematic planning of resources
  • Layout planned placement of machines and efficient material flow

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