Automobile, Warehousing

Material Handled:

Cycle Tires Bundles

Activity To Be Mechanized/Automation:

  • Unloading of tire bundles from trucks coming from vendors
  • Different size and different vendors to be unloaded at different points
  • Storage location of tires is at 9mtr height at mezzanine level
  • Customer wants automatic unloading of tires at different locations

Issues Faced:

  • Layout of location was very constricting to easy placement of conveyors
  • Inclination angles and slopes of conveyor selected was very steep and difficult to engineer
  • Auto-unloading feature was very complicated to ensure each tire bundle to be unloaded

Solution Provided With Equipments:

  • Closed loop overhead multi-direction chain system with special design common hangers for different size and types of tire bundles
  • Conveyor starting from truck unloading area direct to material storage drop zone at mezzanine 9mtr height level and return.
  • Auto-unloading stations (2nos) located at 9mtr height mezzanine for unloading the tire bundles onto the storage areas.
  • Complete selection and monitoring control panel


  • Effective and smooth material flow with continuous unloading and storage activities.
  • Huge manual effort saving with only single point effort of tire unloading from truck.
  • Auto-unloading of tire bundles at storage area without human intervention.
  • Monetary manual effort saving of rs. 1l per month

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