Agriculture Farm Fresh Produce

Material Handled:

Soiled Raw Harvested Turmeric From Farms

Activity To Be Mechanized/Automation:

  • Turmeric coming from the farms need to be removed of any dirt,
  • The turmeric root pods must be scrubbed and washed with water.
  • After thorough washing, the turmeric must be taken for cooking

Issues Faced:

  • Complete washing activity is labor intensive and takes lots of effort
  • Cleaning consistency is not uniform and there are impurities
  • Output of manual efforts is not easily accounted over a long period
  • Multiple handling points damage the turmeric and becomes unusable

Solution Provided With Equipments:

  • High speed tumbling equipment with cageon guided rings and drive unit
  • Infeed and outfeed ergonomic design chutes for easy handling
  • Adjustable dual zone spray system for effective coverage of spray zones
  • Water pipeline header with high pressure nozzles and pump with filters
  • Control panel with rpm controller of cage, on/off of water spray system


  • Minimum handling ensures quality of product is maintained
  • Level of cleanliness in washing is maintained and is consistent
  • Minimum maintenance issues for cost effectiv technology
  • Huge saving in manual efforts and labor
  • Huge increase in productivity.

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