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The system are used in many manufacturing processes, with continuous material flow requirements across staged operations. The Chain based system is mounted in inverted manner with required structural supports and guidance mechanism. It is used for assembly lines, paint-finishing furnaces, etc.

It is reliable system with good operational dependability for using in 24/7 manufacturing operations.

Closed loop type circuit is preferred; and is a continuous system without any buffering.

Speed control using VFD is relevant to be used.

The trays / load platforms are designed as per application and fixed to the Inverted Chain system.

Assembly Ovens Drying Cooling Painting

Effective Sizes:
Will be dependent on application

Equipment Type:
OverHead Chain Conveyor

Industries Catered:
Assembly Electronics Automotive Painting Ovens Any

Materials Conveyed:
TV assembly lines Freezer assembly lines Electronic component assembly Bakery / Pastry decoration making Alloy wheel final surface coating furnace Sushi Restaurants

Mechanised Automated Speed Control – VFD

MOC Available:
Generally: MS with Chain based on EN 8 Rollers. SS / food grade when required. Clean-room requirements can be met.

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