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4 wheel Planar Chain with Alternate Load and Transmission Links for Guiding within Track for Horizontal, Inclined Bends and Overall Travel as per layout with Drive Unit, Tensioner and Control Panel.

Four wheel systems compared to the three wheel bi-planar type.

– is less flexible for sharp corners / turns

+ can carry only medium loads (max upto 150kgs, incl hanger weight)

+ layouts of much longer lengths can be installed

+ hanger / loads are more balanced due to bi-planar wheel alignment

Applications of Overhead Conveyors: they can be designed for the following:
– Various Processes involved in Washing, De-greasing, Drying, Phosphating, Powder Coating, Spray Painting, Dip Painting, Metalizing, Heating, Sand Blasting, Cooling, etc.
– Moving Inward/Outward materials or Semi-finished/Finished materials from one place or Department to the other.
– Moving Work In Process (WIP) materials from one place to another.
– Moving any materials using the Overhead Space, which is an effective tool for factories having space constraints.
– Using overhead conveyors, we can handle multifarious things which include Leather materials, Green and Withered Tea Leaves, Glass, Ceramics, Electronic components / instruments, Sheet Metal components, Clothing Garments, Cartons, Furniture items, LPG Tanks, Stamped parts, Wood and metals, plastics, wood, Food items, Switch Gears, Ovens, Slurries, Sporting goods, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Industries where Overhead Conveyors can be Effectively used
– Leather Industries Uses : Moving Leather Skins/Sides/Hides overhead for drying and other purposes.
– Ceramic Industries Uses : Handling Ceramic wares / Ceramic Tiles for drying and other purposes.
– LPG Filling Units Uses : Carrying Empty Cylinders from Storage to Filling Machine, Filled Cylinders from Filling Machine to Leak Testing Machine and Unloading.
– House Hold Appliances Uses : For Painting of components, for carrying components to various sections in Assembly.
– Breweries Uses : For Fermenting, for carrying empty and filled glass bottles.
– Tea and Coffee Industries � Uses : Handling Green Leaves and Withered Tea Leaves.
– Powder Coating and Metalizing Industries Uses : For carrying components from Paint Booth to Oven and Unloading.
– Two Wheeler, Three Wheeler and Automotive Component Industries
– Wood Finishing
– Forging, Casting and Metal Stamping Industries Uses : For carrying Castings for cycling and to carry finished Casting for painting.
– Carton and Packaging Industries
– Television and Radio Industries Uses : To carry components from Stores to Assembly / Process Handling, Testing of components, Carrying components from Assembly to Godown.
– Lift and Elevators, Fire Extinguishers, Steel Wheel Industries – Uses : Painting of Sheet Metal components.
– Commercial Vehicles – Uses : To carry various components from one Section to other.
– Tyre and Tube Industries – Uses : For carrying raw tyres for vulcanizing and other processes.
– Biscuit Manufacturing Industries – Uses : To carry empty tins from godown to Filling Machine and Filled tins from Filling Machine to Godown.
– Refrigeration, Deep Freezers and Air-conditioning Industries – Uses : Painting of Refrigerator Cabinets and doors, pre-treatment of various steel components including cabinets and doors, carrying cooling unit from testing assembly line, carrying finished door to assembly line, Testing of Compressor Units, etc.
– Slurry Explosive Industries – Uses : To carry slurry tubes from Manufacturing to Packaging Shed.
– Shock Absorber Industries
– Pump Industries – Uses : To carry Castings, components for painting.
– Bicycle Industries – Uses : Painting of Fork, etc., Carrying components from Welding Shop to Paint Shop, Carrying components from Paint Shop to Assembly Line, Carrying fixing stickers, etc., carrying rims from Stores to Despatch, carrying Forks for brazing, carrying rims for buffing and plating, general handling operations inside the Plant, carrying rims from Rim Department to Stores.
– Drum Plant Industries
– Vanaspati and Soap Industries – Uses : To carry filled in Tins to Godown for unloading.
– Light and Switch gear Industries – Uses : For painting of light fittings.
– Pharmaceuticals – Uses : Cleaning of bottles (the conveyor passes through the Water Spray Chamber), for carrying finished pharmaceuticals from Packaging Section to godown.
– Insulator Industries – Uses : For carrying components for painting.
– And other Industries where needed.

Ovens Conveying Drying Cooling Painting Storage

Effective Sizes:
From 4″ Pitch to 12″ Pitch of the chain. Hangers will be in multiples of the chain pitch selected. Cain pitch is selected based on layout complexity, turning-radius, load-bearing and other technical aspects.

Equipment Type:
OverHead Chain Conveyor

Industries Catered:
Automotive Painting Ovens Oil Industry Plastics Any

Materials Conveyed:
Hanger Cradles Automotive Components Drums Frames Containers Bags and Sacks

Mechanised Automated Speed control – VFD

MOC Available:
M.S. Track for Full Length, Chain with M.S. and EN 8 Rollers, Pins for Effective Breaking Strength as per approved design.

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