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Two Strand Chain Conveyor with Cross Tie Rods for Load on a common shaft with sprockets coupled to a drive unit.

Crossbar Chain Conveyors :These have two strands of chain separated by cross rods at specific intervals. Parts or packages may be suspended from the cross rods or they may be pushed along by the cross rods. Many arrangements have been developed to handle variety of parts and packages.

Conveying Transfer

Effective Sizes:
From 1/2″ Pitch to 4″ Pitch

Equipment Type:
Cross Linked Rod Chain Conveyor

Industries Catered:
Oil Industry Detergents Any

Materials Conveyed:
Pouches Small Bags and Sacs Cartons


MOC Available:
Standard Chain with M.S., S.S. 304 Cross Rods, Polymer Wear Strips; Structure: M.S.

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