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Flat Platform with Railing for placement of materials on the platform with or without conveyors/rollers and having UP/DOWN movement using Hydraulic cylinders mounted on single or multiple scissor brackets under the platform for lift from floor to floor in the existing or new structure.
Material Lifting Batch Lifting

Effective Sizes:
From 500mm to 4000mm Rectangular or Square Platform with Upto 10 Ton Capacity

Equipment Type:
Industrial Hydraulic Lifts

Industries Catered:
Process Industry Automotive Paper Industry Warehousing Any

Materials Conveyed:
Heavy Loads Filled Pallets Filled Bags Paper Rolls Filled Cartons Any suitable Loads


MOC Available:
Platform: M.S. or S.S. 304 Std sections, Sheets, Structure: M.S. Full Structure with std sections or M.S. brackets in existing Civil structure or building

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