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Sometimes also called as Escaveyors, are used for Box / Carton Lifting chain conveyor for Horizontal / Vertical transport.

Unit + On-Floor + No Accumulate. Used for low-frequency intermittent vertical transfers. Carrier used to raise or lower a load to different levels of a facility (e.g., different floors and/or mezzanines). Differs from a freight elevator in that it is not designed or certified to carry people. Can be manually or automatically loaded and/or controlled and can interface with horizontal conveyors. Also called: Conveyor Integrated Continuous Lifts (CICL) /Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC) / Continuous Vertical Lifts (CVL)

These systems move materials in factories, warehouses, industrial plants, institutions or anywhere that products or supplies need to move from one level to another. They provide fast, efficient, convenient and safe access to/from mezzanines, balconies, basements, and between levels in multiple story buildings.
These models accept loads horizontally, convey vertically and discharge horizontally, all in a continuous non-stop operation with loading and unloading in a Z pattern. Systems may be single direction or reversible, as required. Ideal for high-speed applications that require light-duty lifting of boxes, cartons, packages, totes, containers or cases.

Note: VRC are not classified as Elevators by Industry Institutions. These systems are not designed for carrying humans / persons across floors and are specifically designed for goods only (unlike goods or freight elevators which can accommodate people / forklifts etc)


Safely transport materials from one level to another.
Install in new or existing building. Install in unused elevator shafts. Indoor or Outdoor.
Lift-well is not required; only floor cut-out.
Less costly to install, operate and maintain than elevators.
Safer than using a forklift to move materials between levels.
Move loads of all shapes, sizes and weights from 1 lb. to 200,000 lbs.
Proven design with thousands of installation world-over.
Safe, efficient, convenient means of moving materials vertically.
Hydraulic, mechanical and fully automated systems.
Equipped with advanced safety features to protect men and materials.
Turnkey installation available. Customized to your application needs.

Our continuous vertical lifts offer numerous cost-efficient benefits, including high speed, a simple, low-maintenance design, a wide selection of standardized units from modular components, and an option for fully automatic operation. Powered conveyors synchronized to the lift platform speed are used in loading and unloading, and are designed for the specific product to be handled, using roller, belt or chain.
Vertical Elevating

Effective Sizes:
From 50 kgs to 300 kgs

Equipment Type:
Verticle Conveyors

Industries Catered:

Materials Conveyed:

Manual Automated

MOC Available:
Mixed – with MS/ SS Plastic / Wood-boards Chain System with platform Slats

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