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Machined Pipe Rollers with End Bearings and common Shaft mounted on Side frame at certain pitch through the length.

As we all know, Gravity is free and making the best use of it to convey items is an easy and effective solution to material handling problems.

This type of roller conveyor offers good support for the bottom surfaces of the items to be conveyed. Therefore, the items with irregular bottom surfaces, such as drums or older cartons and boxes can be conveyed on the gravity roller conveyor. These items will move smoothly as long as the bottom surface of the item does not conform to the shape of the rollers. Items may be manually pushed along this conveyor or the conveyor may be inclined to allow the force of gravity to move the items. The inclination depends upon the properties of the item that is to be conveyed. When the item is placed on the conveyor, the weight of the item makes the item move in the direction of the incline as the rollers revolve in their positions. These types of conveyors are the best for providing least pressures by accumulating units.

Gravity or Powered Roller Conveyors are often used to move packages in warehouses and packing departments.

Conveying Storage Accumulation Weighing

Effective Sizes:
From 32mm to 130mm Dia

Equipment Type:
Idler Roller Conveyor

Industries Catered:
Automotive Warehousing Oil Industry Process Industry Any

Materials Conveyed:
Automotive Components Pallets Cartons Drums Pails


MOC Available:
M.S., Aluminum, P.U. Coated, S.S. 304 Pipe

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