Machined Pipe Rollers with End Bearings, Spring actuators, Cone Couplings, Welded Sprockets, common shaft and mounted at certain pitch on structure.

ZLP type: Wherever it is undesirable to have loads accumulating against one another, Zero Line Pressure versions enhance the flexibility of our powered roller systems, thus enabling the non-contact accumulation of goods. With the use of a simple electro magnetic brake, this zero line pressure arrangement negates the need for a complicated control system.

Lineshaft conveyor systems are purposely used when situations require back to back accumulation, but with as little pressure on the leading product as possible. This occurs via the design of the system which is that the lineshaft which is driven by the motor doesn’t drive the belts directly but turns inside a nylon spool, driven via elastomer belts. By stopping the package on the roller the spool stops. This type of system is generally used in such places where final production stages require the packaging of products into cardboard / tote boxes. Therefore lineshaft powered roller conveyors are generally sought in warehousing / packaging environments

Conveying Accumulation Stop and Go

Effective Sizes:
From 48mm to 60mm Dia

Equipment Type:
Power and Free Roller Conveyor

Industries Catered:
Automotive Warehousing Oil Industry Any

Materials Conveyed:
Automotive Components Pallets Drums Cartons

Mechanised Automated

MOC Available:
M.S., S.S. 304 Pipe

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