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Orientation Changing Mechanisms for Heavy components or for ony container emtying function using Pneumatic or Electrical sub-assemblies for the Tilting, Tumbling, Upending, Lifting, Turning operations.

Achieving of correct orientation of component/product Dropping of Drums Lifting up of Drums Assembling operations Inspection Purposes

Effective Sizes:
From 200mm to 2500mm Wide with Length Varying from Component to Component.

Equipment Type:
Pneumatic, Hydraulic and/or Motorized Equipment

Industries Catered:
Automotive Oil extraction FMCG Assembly Lines Machining Lines Inspection Lines

Materials Conveyed:
Automobile Components Drums, Bottles, Pails Cartons and boxes Filled Pallets Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Cages and Train compartments

Manual Mechanized Semi-Auto Automated

MOC Available:
Critical parts to be made in structural available steels like M.S.and EN8, whereas contact parts can be made in S.S. 304 if needed.

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