Slats, Sprockets, Shafts, Rollers, Drive Units as spares.

Slat conveyors are built with carrying members of wood or metal slats attached to a single or double strand chain. In addition to conveying operations they may be used as a travelling worktable, or a combination of the two. Many kinds of parts and packages can be carried light, heavy or bulky units on inclines as well as on the horizontal. Slats can be designed and shaped to suit the articles to be handled.
Slat conveyors can be applied advantageously to obtain a steady, orderly flow of material through a plant, eliminating confusion, promoting efficiency and effecting important savings in handling cost.

A slat conveyor conveys unstable, irregular shaped objects and those with problem bottom surfaces. It is commonly used in appliance and furniture handling and assembly line operations where product moves at a slow rate of speed through several operator work stations.

Heavy Duty Slat.Container/ Bottle handling.‘S’ Universal Slat type.Chip handling.

The material of construction may be Mild Steel or Stainless steel depending on the requirement. The Slats may be made of Polyamide Delrin and Acetale.

Effective Sizes:
As per approved drawing

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Materials Conveyed:
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MOC Available:
As specified in DAP and Spare List

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