Research now suggests that UV light may have played a critical role in the emergence of life on Earth and could be a key for where to look for life elsewhere in the universe. UV light is a form of radiation that is classified into three primary types: ultraviolet A (UVA), ultraviolet B (UVB), and ultraviolet C (UVC). The UV forms are based on the measure of their wavelength, which is measured in nanometres. UV radiation covers a range of wavelengths and is divided into three bands: UVA (315-400nm), UVB (280-315nm) and UVC (lesser than 280nm). The UVC light radiations are harmful, but if used in the correct way it is useful in numerous ways, especially when it comes to killing and destroying microbes like bacteria, protozoa and viruses.

UVC Tunnel Conveyor for Corporate Offices and IT Parks
Usually in a corporate park or an IT park there are number of different buildings with the strength of employees in thousands, working in each building. With COVID-19 and many other flu causing diseases on the rise, such offices have already taken measures like work from home to limit the number of people in the office premises and have started checking the temperature of people at the entry gate and have mandated the use of sanitizers and masks. The temperature check can only give you knowledge about one aspect of the health of the person, but the bags, laptops, lunch boxes etc. go unchecked. These bags can be strong carriers of the deadly virus and other microbes. A UVC Conveyor could prove t be highly effective to disinfect these bags and accessories.

UVC Sterilizer Conveyor for Large Factories
We as a UVC conveyor manufacturer and also as a responsible employer, recommend that every factory with a minimum strength of 30 or more employees must have auto disinfectant UV conveyors. In India, employees and laborers usually travel in trains and buses , due to the over populated transport services it is impossible to have social distancing methods. Bags, lunch boxes, accessories etc. often keep rubbing against other commuters who may be sick or infected, making our bags possible carriers of pathogens and microbes. Here comes the necessity of UV Sanitization and Sterilization which quickly disinfects all kind of items, thereby making the factory environment safe and healthy. We have different models of UVC Tunnel Conveyors which can be selected as per the number of the workers coming in on a daily basis.

UVC Disinfection Conveyor for Airports, Bus Stops, Railway Stations
All governments the world over are trying their best to fight the present corona crisis, by developing efficient sanitization methods like the use of disinfection liquids, mopping, water jet cleaning etc. but even after some many useful methods there is a high chance that the viruses and bacteria still remain on the transport surfaces. In addition to that, other pathogens enter the transport system through the luggage, plastic bags, clothes, card-boxes etc. Therefore it is a must that at airports, bus stops, railway stations etc. all bags should pass through UVC disinfection conveyor, so that most surfaces can be disinfected and sanitized.

Our UV tunnel conveyor sterilizes all kinds of bags without any use of chemical or liquids, keeping the bags outermost layers intact without any damage. We, as a system designer, recommend that every location must have couple of Auto disinfectant UVC conveyors depending of the floating population, to create safe environment.

UV Germicidal Tunnel for Large Buildings, Colonies and High Societies
As per our study and present experience on the pandemic, we keep ourselves clean by constant sanitizing, washing of hands, taking regular baths when we come from outside, putting clothes for a wash and regular cleaning etc. But we tend to forget about our laptop bag, laptop, purses, parcels etc. for the only reason that whether chemical sanitizing would harm our costly bags or electronic items and so we just dump them in the closet or put it out of the way, making other items vulnerable.

Therefore we recommend such large buildings to have a UV germicidal tunnel at their main lobby which can take care of any bags passing through. Bags of owners , bags of maids & drivers , courier boxes , food parcels etc can have a quick sanitization in dry way with out harming the bag cloth or stuff inside.

Ultra violet disinfection conveyor for Hotels & Resorts
Like Airports many hotels have installed Xray scanning machines for the safety of the hotels . Similarly now is the time to add up ultraviolet disinfection conveyor . In hotels and resorts there are incoming guests who have travelled from different locations either by flights or trains or cabs . There is a serious chance that they contain microbes and germs , due to some ill person coughing near it or sneezing , exposing hotel staff to such luggage bags with out proper sterilization trough a uv germicidal tunnel is not recommended in these times, where every one fears any health issues. Therefore its necessary for all hotels & resorts to addon a uv luggage scanner or ultraviolet disinfection conveyor to have a healthy online system.

Uv Scanning Conveyor for Malls and Shopping Complexes
Malls are one of the most crowded places, similar to airports, thereby making them prone to infection. With the reduction in use of waste plastic bags and reusing our routine bags, it is required to sanitize the bags and purses at all times. According to some studies “Reusable tote bags can sustain the COVID-19 and flu viruses and spread the viruses throughout the store”. People of different age groups and distances travel and come to malls for shopping and entertainment, therefore it is necessary for shopping complexes to have UVC conveyor tunnels for scanning and disinfecting of reusable bags and purses. We also recommend our Auto Disinfectant UV Tower in each store in the malls so that the goods, which are been touched by different people, can be sanitized.

Auto Disinfectant UVC Conveyor for Schools
Presently schools are making their best efforts to keep the children away from the school building or transport buses by online study sessions. As we know that the online study process can only be a temporary way of study. Also, sports and other routine activities are totally skipped. As and when the schools reopen and students start to resume classes, there would always be a doubt in the minds of parents and children whether the school bags, water bottles or tiffin boxes are carriers of microbes. To solve these problems and rid everyone of these doubts we feel that every school must have UVC conveyors at the school entrance so that bags and other student belongings are disinfected during entry and exit. As the COVID-19 numbers are on a serious increase UVC conveyors should be considered to secure all facilities and surroundings.

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