Multi-Level Racking Going Down Spiral

Multi-level Racking to Ground Gravity Spiral with Infeed Power Rollers at multi-level with Outfeed Merging Conveyors suitable for any warehouse application.

Gravity Spiral and Warehouse Conveyors

Gravity Roller Spiral from multi-level floors to the ground floor. It is connected to other power roller conveyors and sorting systems to suit the material handling needs of a warehouse and factory premises.

Tidal Effective Gangway

A safe and reliable manner of movement to embark and disembark from a floating ship, we were able to develop a tidal effective gangway that could withstand this force of nature. During rains and rough weather too, this gangway allows for the traveler to experience safety and reliability. The steps on the gangway will always remain horizontal to the landing level despite the constant changing of the water level. This design has been simplified and is patent pending.

Gravity Spiral Trials 4 Floors to Ground

Gravity Split Rollers Wound around a Spiral to bring down Crates, Boxes and items from Multiple Entry Points to the Ground floor. Ideal for Racking systems and Floor to ground movement of materials.

One at a Time (OAT) Feeding Gravity System

For One at a Time (OAT) Feeding, using simple gravity based rollers and an electro-pneumatic swinging arrangement for feeding only one component at a time irrespective of size.

No Power Gravity Conveyors

Using simple extremely low friction rollers, we were able to achieve long length component travel using only gravity. The smooth movement of the components ensure that the product retains its quality.

Inline Turn Table for components

Turn Table with inline roller conveyors using gravity for material transfer and electro-pneumatics for turning along with infeed one at a time stoppers for safe and smooth conveying.

Pallet Handling System

We developed this complete Pallet Handling system for our customer Precia Molen Ltd for Pallet Dispensing, Feeding and Conveying to and from their Jumbo Bag Weighing system. This video belongs to our customer and we are only showcasing it show our capacities.

Ball Belt Sorter Trials

Trials at customer end for Sorting of Boxes into three locations based on the pre-identified location through Barcode scanning. The complete Turnkey Project includes multiple power rollers on three floors of racking, a gravity spiral and outfeed rollers complete with the control panel and system integration with customer WMS.
This is ideal for warehouses with picking of boxes and cartons for distribution into their different orders/vehicles.

Power & Free Roller Double Decker Storage Conveyor Trials

For Component Feeding from single location to multiple locations with Start, Run, Pause, Stop function for the components along the path. This system is perfect for accumulating the products once after the other without damaging the product.

Soap – Cooling Tunnel

For Liquid Soap that needs to be hardened into a shapely tablet, these mold blocks needed to be cooled in a conveyorized air controlled tunnel system to ensure that the hardening is done well. We designed the entire system along with Air Handling Unit and modular belt conveyors for a wet environment.


For One at a time feeding and height lowering based on operator specific requirement. Also a Pneumatic gate to allow for operator crossover.


For One at a time feeding and height lowering based on operator specific requirement. Also a Pneumatic gate to allow for operator crossover.


For Tilting from receiving orientation to required orientation and travel till OAT Unit using Gravity Roller Conveyors.

Multi-Tier Packing Lines with operator & product specific conveyors

Complete Packaging line for assembly of primary, secondary and tertiary levels of packaging. The product is packed within the pouch, the pouched product within a carton and the packed cartons within a bigger carton and then finally the shipper with multiple cartons. All these activities are completed on this line and within the required time.

Take a look at few of our projects

Industrial Lifts

India, Africa & Bangladesh
Industry: Engineering
More than 50 lifts across locations, catering to a wide range of Industries. We have supplied to Production and Warehousing divisions of Racking Companies, Chemical Plants, FMCG Companies and the Indian Navy considering all Shock Grade Standards and customized requirements to suit the operations.

Gravity Spiral Roller Conveyor

India & Overseas
Industry: Warehousing & Logistics
Developed & installed over 25 gravity spiral chutes (3 M to 12 M heights) for bringing down cartons/totes & bins from multi-level racking structures or buildings to the ground level with entries from any intermediate level. The gravity spiral roller conveyor system includes simple low-friction rollers for allowing gravity to let the materials flow downwards.

Belt Conveyor Rock Handling System

Industry: Construction
A green field project involving more than 200 m length of Heavy-Duty Belt Conveyors to receive Bulk Materials from 6 Ton capacity Front End Loaders @ 70 TPH, 24/7 throughout the year, to feed into Crusher, Screen and directly into a 19 m Tall 100 TON capacity Silo.
Total tonnage ~150 Metric Tons with more than 120 H.P. Motor Power

Roller Conveyor Systems

India & Overseas
Industry: Oil & Chemicals
Powered and idler roller, chain & rail conveyors for the movement of empty & filled (200 Ltr) drums, rinsing, automatic feeding to filling, capping stations, accumulation and semi-automated pallet filling stations. We have supplied controls for these conveyors with PLC, VFD & sensors and have been able to achieve speeds of up to 2000 drums/8hrs for 24/7 operation.