Billet orientation using Step Feeding

Billet Feeding using a step hopper and the vibratory rail to feed billets in the correct orientation into the machine that requires the billet. This is done using simple but extremely robust technology from SchindlerHandhabateknik Germany.

Bucket Conveyor Trials

A Steep Angled Bucket Conveyor for the effective transfer of granular bulk materials free flowing from one process to the other. It can also be used for feeding materials in a continuous manner without damaging the materials in transit. Ideal for granular free flowing material feeding.

Disc Stack Packing Automation

Abrasive wheel disc coming in stacks need to be packed in stacks of 5 or 10 along with proper orientation and plastic sleeve insertion with heated tunnel and automation.

Floor Pan Conveyors for Quick Handling and Truck loading

Consisting of continuously moving metal slats on a connected bi-planar chain along the length of travel. The system can be made in any curved path for collecting materials from various locations within warehouse or factory for truck loading.

Micro component pick and place systems

Developed a multi-stage Pick and Place system along with Arrows team for the specific requirement of multiple stamping of component in different orientations.

Bag Handling Hinged Slat Conveyor

Multi-level long Hinged Slat conveyor for Handling Bags from production area to be stacked manually onto pallets that can be taken to warehouse.

Turnkey Bale Handling System from Press to Warehouses with Check weighing and labelling

Complete turnkey system developed in-house for bales at an overseas location from baler to check-weigher, labeling and reliable conveying to different warehouses. Includes Baler conveyors, slat conveyors, power roller conveyors, underground slat conveyors, shuttle conveyors, idler rollers and complete with integrated control panel and intelligent automation logic.

CNC Machine Auto Loader

Automated Loader of cut rods into a CNC Machine developed along with Arrows team. For the feeding of cut pieces of rods, one at a time without the requirement of an operator. Integrated with the CNC machine for direct loading after door opening.

Odd Component Orienting Automation

Odd shaped Component Tilting, Orienting device as a concept developed and running. Using electro-pneumatics and simple machine building.

Warehouse Entry Bag Check weighing and Manual Sorting system

Working since 2013 at multiple locations, the system checks all the bags that are loaded per truck for their weights, lot numbers, truck numbers and locations in the warehouse. Accordingly, the reports are generated in the SQL Software and sent to HQ for information. The stacking locations as per lots are indicated to the operators at each pallet location for manual stacking of pallets.

Disc Stack Packing Automation

Abrasive wheel disc coming in stacks need to be packed in stacks of 5 or 10 along with proper orientation and plastic sleeve insertion with heated tunnel and automation.

Modular Belt Conveyor

Modular Belt Conveyor for Curved conveying without any transfer points and with smooth travel of product. The equipment is designed for unloading of trucks and continuous travel. The system is bi-directional and can be used for loading and unloading of the trucks. The curved belt is useful for transferring the materials along a tight curved path as the site condition demanded it.

Take a look at few of our projects

Industrial Lifts

India, Africa & Bangladesh
Industry: Engineering
More than 50 lifts across locations, catering to a wide range of Industries. We have supplied to Production and Warehousing divisions of Racking Companies, Chemical Plants, FMCG Companies and the Indian Navy considering all Shock Grade Standards and customized requirements to suit the operations.

Gravity Spiral Roller Conveyor

India & Overseas
Industry: Warehousing & Logistics
Developed & installed over 25 gravity spiral chutes (3 M to 12 M heights) for bringing down cartons/totes & bins from multi-level racking structures or buildings to the ground level with entries from any intermediate level. The gravity spiral roller conveyor system includes simple low-friction rollers for allowing gravity to let the materials flow downwards.

Belt Conveyor Rock Handling System

Industry: Construction
A green field project involving more than 200 m length of Heavy-Duty Belt Conveyors to receive Bulk Materials from 6 Ton capacity Front End Loaders @ 70 TPH, 24/7 throughout the year, to feed into Crusher, Screen and directly into a 19 m Tall 100 TON capacity Silo.
Total tonnage ~150 Metric Tons with more than 120 H.P. Motor Power

Roller Conveyor Systems

India & Overseas
Industry: Oil & Chemicals
Powered and idler roller, chain & rail conveyors for the movement of empty & filled (200 Ltr) drums, rinsing, automatic feeding to filling, capping stations, accumulation and semi-automated pallet filling stations. We have supplied controls for these conveyors with PLC, VFD & sensors and have been able to achieve speeds of up to 2000 drums/8hrs for 24/7 operation.