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Intelligent Warehouse Inward Checkweigher with Manual Sort Belt conveyor

Checking of Each Bag coming from the Truck, comparing it with its required weight, assigning it to the location for pallet stacking and gathering all this data into the Warehouse software has been done. The system collects input weight and count data, informs the operator about location of pallet stacking and generates reports at the end of each truck for the management to keep records. This system is working with complete software and hardware since many years with no stoppage.

Ergonomic Belt Packing Station

Products that need to be packed into the cartons are dumped onto the crates on the sloped tables. One by one, the cartons with open flaps are placed on the modular belt conveyor. The operators at the packing stations then pick up each product and place it within the carton. Another operator closes and seals the lid and the entire operation is done in less than 2 minutes.