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We Care

Few causes that we support

Prasanna Trust, Mumbai

Swami Sukhabodhananda

Our Chairman Late Mr. Sriram Athri was a Trustee & Trainer of the Prasanna Trust. He devoted a lot of time and effort to bring Transformation to many thousands of people, teachers and children through teachings of Swamiji. He is remembered for his Goodwill and Relentless Passion for helping anyone in need. The good work of Prasanna trust continues and is supported by us in multiple ways.

Read more: https://www.sukhoham.org/

Rotary International

Our Late Mr. Sriram Athri was a dignitary in the Rotary district for over a decade and was active in multiple social service projects, winning many awards. Mr. Anil Athri has also been involved in the Computer Aided Literacy program through Rotary in the slums of Navi Mumbai through the local club of Rotary Club of Navi Mumbai. There are multiple social projects being conducted every month and we continue to be a part of this cause.

Read more: https://www.rotary.org

Roti Bank, Navi Mumbai

This is an organization that supports the need to Feed the Hungry without discrimination. At Dhanvanthri Engineers, we have taken the initiative to support RotiBank Mumbai by running operations of Daily Free Meals to more than 800 needy stomachs each day in Navi Mumbai slum areas.

Read more: https://rotibankfoundation.org/

We Care

We’ve been a socially conscious organization and its a part of our culture and fabric to help those in need.
To the best of our abilities, not only at an company level but even individually, each of us at Dhanvanthri Engineers helps make life better for the less fortunate.